Your reliable power supply

for telecom, network and data centre


PLH+C Series

PLH+C Series

-Excellent Charging Acceptance with High Charging Efficiency,Excellent PSoC Cycle Performance under High and Low Ambient Temperature,Punched continuous grid strip

Features Application Curves Specification

1. Super-Fast Charging: From 0% to 90% SoC level in less than 1.5 hours

2. Long Deep Cycle Life

3. Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30℃ – +60℃ )

4. Doubled Shelf Life (2 years) with Low Self-discharging Rate

  • 1. Renewable energy power(solar, wind, PV/wind hybrid) access to energy storage systems
  • 2. Peak load shifting energy storage systems
  • 3. Load tracking energy storage systems
  • 4. Grid frequency adjustment energy storage systems
  • 5. Smart grid, micro-grid systems, mobile container storage systems
  • 6. Oil and electricity hybrid energy storage systems in the area without municipal electricty or with poor grid
  • 7. Renewable energy communication base stations, core computer rooms, IDC that with peak load shifting functions
Model Rated
10Hr8HrLengthWidthHeightTHWeight Terminal





PLH+C 40FT 123838298.711.76973.821847.241847.2412.527.56M6*
PLH+C 62FT 126262298.711.76973.8226710.5126710.5119.542.99M6*
PLH+C 90FT 129090405.415.961084.2528711.3028711.3028.763.27M6*
PLH+C 100FT 12100100405.415.961084.2528711.3028711.3030.867.90M6*
PLH+C 100 12100100341.513.441756.892138.392158.4631.268.78M8
PLH+C 110FT 1211011055922.011254.922278.942278.9436.580.47M6*
PLH+C 150FT 1215015055922.011254.9227710.9127710.9148105.82M6*
PLH+C 170FT 1217017055922.011254.9232012.6032012.6054.2119.49M6*
PLH+C 190FT 1219019055922.011254.9232012.6032012.6057.6126.98M6*
PLH+C 210FT 1221021055922.011254.9232812.9132812.9160.5133.38M6*
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