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The 124th Canton Fair, Leoch see you there!


As China's leading battery manufacturer and exporter, how can  Leoch international be absent?

The 124th Canton Fair, Leoch international is coming!

Time& Address:

Oct 15, 2018 - Oct 19th, 2018

Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

  • lNetwork energy battery booth (booth No. : 11.3I37~39  11.3J11~12)

  • 2018-10 邀请函1.jpg

  • lNew energy battery booth (booth No. : 10.3E01-02 )

  • 2018-10 邀请函4.jpg

  • lAutomobile battery booth ( booth No 6.1E24-25 )

  • 2018-10 邀请函3.jpg

  • lMotorcycle battery booth (booth No. : 13.1 B30  C15)

2018-10 邀请函2.jpg

      Different series of products, a wide range of applications, you will always find the suitable products.

     Leoch International is committed to providing reliable and innovative power supplies.

    The grand exhibition, how can you less? Put the show on the agenda!

     Looking forward to meeting with you at the Canton Fair, See you there!

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