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Anhui Leoch was awarded the title of "Top Ten High-tech Enterprises in Huaibei City"


on October 12, at the "Building innovative City and Building National High-tech Zone Building Green Gold Section Innovation Corridor Mobilization Conference" held in Huaibei City, Anhui Leoch "Huaibei City top 10 high-tech enterprises" honorary title. City Party Secretary Huang Xiaowu and other city leaders attended the meeting. Mr. Dong Lei, General Manager of Anhui Lishi Administrative personnel, was invited to attend and speak on behalf of the city. As a high and new technology enterprise, Anhui Leoch will continue to work hard and strive for the development strategy of "China carbon Valley-Green Jinhuai North" and the planning and deployment of the establishment of a new type of city in the future. For Sealed lead acid battery industry and local economic development contribution.


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