Life is for living, right? I look at my calendar and I swear I cannot fit anything else in. Between work and school I'm pro at feeling overwhelmed because I hate saying no. Everything is an opportunity and I never want to say I missed out by saying no.

That being said I am so thankful for several opportunities that have come my way
Wish me luck!
I love being busy,
even if I complain about it from time to time.
Here is the thing,
There is always a thing right? Especially with me, geez!
Always leave space in your schedule for loved ones and free time.
You need some recharge time, and no one can be go, go, go all of the time!

Make space for yourself, or you will feel the burn out.
Trust me. There are days I have hidden from the world because I couldn't go, go, go anymore!
Make me time and treasure it.
Schedule some time separate yourself from the world.
You deserve it. Have fun, spend time with friends and family, do something you enjoy doing. Life is for living, and enjoying. If you don't do it now than when?

Being a 20-something people expect two things from you:
1) you're working your ass off to make something of yourself
2) you're either super lazy, or a part animal not making anything of your life
Those things totes don't fit together. At all. However, you don't need to fit rigid stereotypes. You can work your ass off and make something of yourself, while enjoying a lazy day from time to time, and enjoying a good time every now and then. There is nothing wrong with doing work things and doing life things. That would be the whole point right? Work hard, play hard? If you don't start practicing that now, then when are you supposed to enjoy it?

Life is about balance. Work hard accomplish goals, but make sure you explore and enjoy the world around you as well. Don't live life from burn out to burn out, rather live experience to experience.

Sending you all happy happy vibes!

Opportunities, Life, and Balance,

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