Inspiration: The Help

Yes that is the famous quote from the movie "The Help," but it is so important to remember these things about yourself. 

You are kind, and you have the ability to choose to be kind. You can decide what kind of attitude you are going to portray. This is a great power that you hold. You is kind.

You are smart, and being smart does not mean you get all A's or went to Harvard. There are lots of ways to be smart. Ask Einstein he didn't do well in school, do you think he is smart?  You is smart. 

You are important. No matter what you believe, or what you believe in you are important. You are here for a reason. You have people that love you. You is important.

Remember these three things about yourself. Remind yourself of these things when you wake up, and go and live the best life you can. Remember you are everything listed even when it doesn't feel like it. You are. 

Kind, Smart, Important

Chloe' Jacqueline.<3

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