Week in Cell Pictures: 2/18-2/24/2012

Another week has flown by! Here is what my cellphone thought of it!

Read this amazingness in 3 days! 

Did a photoshoot of these little cuties! They are my friends twin boys! =)
Aren't they the sweetest!?

Chopped off all of my hair! 

Took notes for class.... bleh!

Had Daphnes for lunch! Greek food and catching up with friends is the best!

Cuddled with one of my pups! 

Got my first Glam bag in the mail!! 

"Hand wrote" emails! 

Went to work...

Got my In Pink order in! 

Waited around..... 

Emptied the last part of my closet for my bedroom renovation

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset!

Drank lots of water from my bobble! 

The Hunger Games, Bobbles, and Photoshoots

Chloe' Jacqueline.<3


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