Week In Cell Phone Pics: 2/12 - 2/17/12

It was my birthday on the 12th! 

My sister and I share a Japanese Dinner =)

I have a Nordstrom Cafe Obsession! 

A very cute spatula set birthday gift from a friend =)

Birthday Dessert! 

The boy! He took me to Urban Outfitters to buy my a toy fisheye camera and take me on a shopping spree! =)

My empty closet for #Febphotoaday challenge on Instagram! It is empty because my room is under renovations!

I wore this red heart dress on Valentines day! =)

I got an iPhone! =D

The boy bought me a Zebra Labbit! 

Jeans, boots, and water.<3

I LOVE the Hubba Hubba app! haha My gorgeous sister! 

Another #Febphotoaday challenge photo. Time all around the world!

Traders Joe's goodness! 

My dad brought his girls home Valentines day doughnuts!


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