Thursday 13!

I am so very excited to announce that I will be taking part of Thursday 13! A great link up I found from my dear friend Annelise! If you are interested head over to her blog, linked here, and "join the party!"

This week has totally spoiled me. I had one take home midterm, one class to attend, one group meeting to go to, and work! I have also started my Math K-8 Practicum meaning I get to spend time with, and teach math to third graders for an hour and a half everyday! Sooo much fun!

Now on the the 13 huh? This week's theme is: The last 13 things:

1. The last thing I said out loud: "Yeah"

2. The last song I listened to: The Scientist- Coldplay.<3

3. The last thing I ate: Hummus and Pita Chips =)

4. The last text I sent: "How's dinner?"

5. The last show I watched: The Lake Show.<3 (aka the Laker game!)

6. The last thing I typed: An email to my club at university!

7. The last person I saw: My father!

8. The last person I spoke to over the phone: My mother!

9. The last thing I touched: The keys on the keyboard =p

10. The last thing I drank: Ice water.<3

11. The last place I spent money: Target (of COURSE!)

12. The last website I was on: Facebook

13. The last tweet I sent: "Let's go Lakers!"

The Last 13 Things

Aunie Sauce

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