Pizza and Chalk: Disney Tag

Who doesn't love Disney?!
Darren and I talked all things Disney in this tag:

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Last Week In Photos


So I changed the title.. it is more accurate now. Selfie// I went to watch the Angels play the Athletics with my dad. FOUR GAME SWEEP! I was so pumped!// They had fireworks after the game, enjoy this clip with one of my favorite songs Pompeii// Lake colored cauliflower! Is it basketball season yet?

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Happy Labor Day!

Am I the only one who cannot believe that it is already September? This year is just flying by. I hope that you are all enjoying as much of it as you can. It is about to be tea, boot, and cuddle weather, and as much as I have enjoyed this summer, I am not in objection to a little weather change. 

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This Week in Photos

This week I joined in on The Art Assignment and used a stick to create that piece// I went to Venice Beach (for the first time ever!) and the sidewalk was full of inspirational messages// I LOVE to photograph the ocean with or without people in it, but I can never decide if I like it better in color or black and white, what do you think?// Muscle Beach// The one time Starbucks really nailed it with my name// A pretty walk way in a Mission Hills Memorial Park.

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