Being and Sharing Light

In a world that promotes competition it is nice to remember that you are a light. Whether you are the candle or the mirror you have the opportunity to be a light to someone else. I think that we always believe that we should be candles, but sometimes it is nice to absorb light from someone and share it with others. Being a positive influence, a smile, a helping hand can turn a another person's whole day around. More important than where the light comes from is continuing its wavelength and power.

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Photo Dump #2

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School, whats new?// Take me out to the ball game! Let's go Angels// Love of my life// an important reminder for you.

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Granny Style: Cross Stitching


Sooooo this might make me a grandma, but I love to cross stitch. My grandmother taught me how to cross stitch, and after that I never stopped!

Little did I know that the basics of cross stitch were not actually all that difficult. Once I got the hang of it I was addicted. However, once I found all of the patterns on Etsy and Pinterest, I was hooked again! For free or very inexpensively you can purchase a million and one different patterns! I didn't think cross stitch would ever be trendy, but hey #HomeMadeForever, right?

I am not one who can just sit and watch a movie or tv, so cross stitch helps keep my hands busy. It drives my loved ones crazy, but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Do you have any granny hobbies? Or different crafting hobbies?

Friday Five #1

Just finished reading:

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Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson.
Very enlightening. I knew very little about Job's before reading this, however what I learned was inspiring and uhm, somewhat disheartening? Sometimes Job's was just not nice, but by the end of the book I was much more sympathetic for him, and it was not just because he was ill.

Currently looking for:

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an apartment! We are gonna need a new place to call home! This is like kinda stressful, but super fun!

Wanting to:

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catch some zZzZzZz its been a long week!

Looking forward to:

This is when I completed my undergrad!
GRADUATION. I can't wait. 4 more weeks and one comprehensive exam away.... So close, yet so far!

Currently Obsessed with:

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Candles.. Like not really a surprise, but they are just so nice to have. They warmly light up a space, smell amazing, and provide such a calming ambiance.

And that is my Friday Five!