You Are Beautiful


Because if you are like me you watched as Hollywood's most glamorous accepted awards for films that made us laugh, cry, smile, think, shiver in fright, and/or kept us guessing. 

You are beautiful. Do not let anyone, not even Hollywood, tell you otherwise. 

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Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Alright I am going to be totally honest..
and it isn't going to make me super popular.
I really wanted more from this book.
No I didn't totally hate it, I just wish there was more.

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars

This novel traces the lives of two high school cancer patients. They of course fall in love, and their adventures begin. They fall hard for eachother, have the most interesting conversations, and are totes adorable. It is just really hard to believe it, and trust me I know about suspending belief and submerging myself into a novel; I am an English major, and I really wanted to fall in love with this book, but it was just too far fetched for me. The conversations that the teens have seem to be of a calibur far beyond the normal teenage conversation, and the whole love at first sight -literally- did not make me swoon. The novel travels very quickly through the story of the two and I kinda wish we would have just lingered a little longer. This could have something to do with the fact that it is aimed at young adults, so it is to keep attention, but it would have been nicer if it was longer. 

Overall the book was sweet, and I did enjoy the story. In fact I wanted more of it. While there were structural parts I did not like overall this book makes you feel warm and cozy, makes you laugh, and makes you want to cry. I just feel as though I would have more of a reaction if it were more detailed, longer, and realistic. 

Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? What did you think of it?

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Snaps 6

This week I turned 25!// The celebrations continued with a girls lunch, flowers, cards, and balloons lots and lots of balloons!// I spent some time at Disneyland// I went to Orange County to the Chrstian Louboutin to see Dorothy's ruby red, red bottom, slipper! I am going to see The Wizard of Oz musical tonight! Thanks cousin! 

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Welp today I turn 25! Part of me is like woohoo it's my birthday! The other part... well mid-twenties has got me kinda freaked out! Here is to a new year of life and new adventures!

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